Why Your Business Needs A Brand Champion


Creating a robust and enduring brand requires more than just a logo and some pretty collateral. It needs a concerted effort to articulate and uphold a brand promise that resonates with both internal stakeholders and external audiences. Critical to this process is the role of a brand champion—a dedicated individual who leads the charge in embodying, advocating for, and protecting the brand promise.

The Essence of a Brand Champion
A brand champion plays a pivotal role in shaping how your business is perceived and experienced. Whatever their title this individual is the custodian of the brand promise. They defend the values and ethos of the profession, ensuring that every interaction -be it with customers, staff, or the wider community—reflects the brand’s core principles.

Why Have a Brand Champion?
As consumers we are increasingly discerning and sceptical of traditional marketing messages. We just switch off when we’re bombarded with advertising campaigns. More and more we’re seeking authenticity and consistency in our brand interactions. A brand champion serves as the embodiment of these qualities, ensuring that the brand promise is not just a marketing slogan but a lived reality across an organisation.

The Responsibilities of a Brand Champion
A brand champion wears many hats, each essential to nurturing and safeguarding the brand’s integrity:
Brand Cheerleader: The champion is the brand’s most vocal advocate, inspiring belief and enthusiasm among employees and consumers alike. They ensure that every facet of the organisation reflects the brand’s values.
The brand champion should be the strongest, most vocal advocate of the brand without sounding like a broken record. He needs to be able to motivate employees, consumers, and other external audiences to believe in the brand, too. He should also ensure the brand promise is integrated into all parts of the company with no stone left unturned.

Brand Protector
The brand champion should also be the brand’s guardian who protects it against negative publicity and stands up to the critics and sceptics. When problems of any kind related to the brand arise, the brand champion should recognise them, address them, and bring them to the attention of necessary leaders before it’s too late to fix them.
In the face of challenges or criticisms, the champion stands firm, protecting the brand’s reputation, sounds the alarm when the brand may be compromised and ensures that any issues are addressed promptly and transparently.

Brand Whisperer

Understanding the consumer perspective is key to maintaining a relevant and resonant brand. The champion acts as a bridge between the organisation and its audience, ensuring that consumer insights shape business decisions and protecting the brand from compromising associations. They have to not just view the brand from their internal position but from consumers’ eyes, too. It’s their job to speak for consumers to ensure business decisions fit the brand promise and consumers’ perceptions of the brand.

Brand Innovator

To stay ahead in a competitive market, any brand must evolve. The champion guides this by helping to identifying new opportunities and strategies to keep the brand fresh and relevant.

Brand Coach

Education is key to building brand understanding and buy-in. The champion ensures that all stakeholders understand the brand and its significance, aligning business goals with the brand promise.

However, since most of a brand champion’s responsibilities help to increase overall brand equity they don’t always drive immediately recognisable and tangible results that can easily be tracked. Many organisations in times of economic hardship give into the temptation to eliminate the role or to group in with other responsibilities within another position, where the focus is then easily lost.

The Impact of a Brand Champion

At a local level a practice brand champion can have a profound impact on the success and longevity of a business. By embodying the brand promise, a champion can inspire trust and loyalty among patients, leading to higher retention rates and positive word-of-mouth referrals. Internally, a champion can foster a culture that aligns with the brand’s values, resulting in a more engaged and motivated staff.

Running a thriving business in a competitive market means making it your mission to embody the values of your brand—compassion, expertise, and holistic care – in every aspect of your company. Remembering to take the time to listen to your customers, educate them about your products or services, and ensure that they feel heard and valued. This commitment to excellence not only leads to high customer satisfaction but will also cement your position as a trusted authority in your field.

The Future of Brand Champions in New Zealand Business
As the economic landscape continues to evolve, the role of the brand champion will become increasingly important. And with competition growing fiercer and consumers becoming more discerning, companies that invest in building a strong and authentic brand will be better positioned to thrive.

In conclusion, a brand champion is a vital asset for any business looking to establish a strong and enduring brand. By embodying the brand promise, advocating for its values, and protecting its integrity, a brand champion ensures that the brand resonates with both internal and external audiences, driving loyalty and trust in the long term.