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What we do can be broken down into three distinct stages. Firstly, we need to make people think about your business. We take your messages to the appropriate audiences to raise awareness of who you are and what is different about what you do. Next, we need to make them feel something about your business. We need to create a positive perception of your brand, through high quality content marketing which enables you to share carefully crafted stories and third party endorsement

Finally, we want them to actually do something about their new found knowledge and emotional connection to your business. Achieving the first two objectives is all very well but if nobody acts on what they know about your brand- if they don't go out and buy your product, invest in your company, or use your service- then public relations has not done its job properly. Below you will find a small selection of the tools we use to get the right audiences thinking, feeling and acting.


Journalists are not quite like the rest of us and respond in particular ways. Unlike other areas of your business the rewards and achievements of successful communications can be great with a positive effect on the bottom line, but the downside is very much steeper. Businesses have closed simply through failing to communicate effectively. Many of our team are former journalists and we can help to develop an informed, constructive relationship with the media.


Government and regulatory bodies have a decisive impact on the business environment. Our Wellington-based partners aim is to keep your communications activity on the inside track, where who you know counts.


Questions about the way an organisation is run that were previously left unasked are now a subject for public debate. The management of communication with people and stakeholder groups important to your organisation is about you taking control. It is about taking control of how you are perceived and exercising ownership of your reputation. It is about answering critical questions such as: How much trust and loyalty does what you say and do inspire in the people most important to you?


Our event management specialists have been involved in commissioning and managing events for 25 years for local and international blue chip corporations. We have coordinated a wide range of corporate social responsibility, community and sponsorship programmes for a number of companies, designed to compliment their business activities.


Your company’s ability to respond to criticism is stifled by the difficulty of deciding what to say and when to remain silent. The communications requirements for any organisation with a public profile today are complex and sensitive and need a greater degree of sophistication than in the past. Our consultants have many years experience in helping organisations tackle crises and, where possible, avoid them.


Above all, an organisation's reputation is shaped and tested by the perceptions held by people both inside and outside it. This includes all those people, or stakeholders, who have a relationship with the organisation. It is also influenced by the reputations of the other firms and organisations with which it associates. We have developed a number of membership retention and acquisition programmes.